Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Board Briefs from Nov. 15, 2016 Work Session

This information includes highlights of information received by the Ladue Schools Board of Education at the Nov. 15, 2016 Work Session.  This is an unofficial record.  Official minutes of each Board meeting are posted on the district website and are available for viewing at the Administrative Center after the Board approves them, typically two weeks after the meeting.

Board of Education and Administration Remarks  
  • Ladue Horton Watkins High School Principal Brad Griffith, Superintendent Dr. Donna Jahnke, Board of Education President Sheri Glantz, and Board of Education Director Jeff Kopolow made statements regarding the district’s stance on a racially offensive verbal altercation between high school students that occurred on Thursday, Nov. 10.  These administrators also clarified expectations with regard to how we operate as a school system, remaining firm in their position that this situation was investigated fully and the issue of racial tensions within our schools and broader community would also be examined and made a focus for additional action and attention.  
  • Approximately 200 community members, including students, parents and alumni, were present at the meeting, with many participating in the Public Comment period, most expressing deep concern about the racial incident and appealing for proactive measures going forward.  

2017-2018 LECC Tuition and BASK/TAS Rates. Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Ken Rossics presented the annual report on the Ladue Early Childhood Center, which included information on capital (building) projects currently in process, salary schedules and  2017-18 tuition rate recommendations for early childhood programming and the district’s before and after school care programs (BASK/TAS).  

Currently, the district alternates years for rate changes for pre-school programs and BASK/TAS.  Therefore, no rate changes are being proposed for pre-school/toddler programs for the coming year.  BASK/TAS rates are being recommended to increase by 2% for all daily/weekly options.  More detailed information can be found by clicking on the header to this paragraph.  

The Board will vote on administrative recommendations for rate changes at the Nov. 28, 2016 Board of Education meeting.

LECC Salary Structure. Mr. Rossics outlined the administration’s recommendation for implementing a salary schedule system for teachers at the Ladue Early Childhood Center similar to what is currently used in grades K-12.  More detailed information can be found by clicking on the header to this paragraph.  

The Board will vote on administrative recommendations for rate changes at the Nov. 28, 2016 Board of Education meeting.

Staff Technology Equipment Lease. Technology Director Rob Highfill outlined the administration’s recommendation for replacement of Ladue Schools faculty and staff computers, as outlined in the district’s overall timeline for technology replacement.  The majority of the computers being replaced are between four to five years old and will be sold through a bidding process.  These computers will be leased with 0% interest.  The Board will vote on this administrative recommendation on Nov. 28, 2016.  

Policy Discussion. Dr. Jahnke and Mrs. Glantz reviewed recommended changes for 13 district policies.  The majority of these changes are being made at the recommendation of the Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) in order to keep district policies in compliance with state and federal law.  

Curriculum & Instruction Report. Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Jennifer Allen, along with Subject Area Coordinator Mary Hickey and STEM Coordinator Dr. Kevin McColgan, provided a Curriculum & Instruction report.  This year, science and social studies have a team of K-12 teachers who are analyzing best practices and making recommendations which will inform curriculum revisions in the 2017-18 school year. The Curriculum & Instruction report provided a progress update and the department  will provide final recommendations in the spring.


The next Board of Education meeting will be a Business Meeting on Nov. 28, 2016, at 7 p.m. at the Administrative Center, 9703 Conway Road.  Tentative agenda items include the following.  

Tentative Agenda Items for Business Meeting Nov. 28, 2016:

  • SSD Reimbursement of ECSE Costs
  • Acceptance of Auditor’s Report
  • 2017-18 LECC Tuition and BASK/TAS Rates
  • High School Building Project
    • Project Report #8
    • Payment Applications/Work Package/Change Orders

  • 2017-18 High School Course Change Proposals
  • 2016-17 Revised Budget