Thursday, March 16, 2017

Board Briefs from March 13, 2017 Business Meeting

This information includes highlights of information received by the Ladue Schools Board of Education at the March 13, 2016 Business Meeting.  This is an unofficial record.  Official minutes of each Board meeting are posted on the district website and are available for viewing at the Administrative Center after the Board approves them, typically two weeks after the meeting.

Board President's Remarks
  • Board President Sheri Glantz thanked Board Vice President Andy Bresler for presiding over the Feb. 27, 2017, meeting in her absence.
Superintendent Remarks
  • Superintendent Dr. Donna Jahnke updated the Board on the development of the new district website due to be launched this spring.  The two most significant changes to the website are that it is responsive — meaning that it can be easily viewed on multiple types of devices, and it is a content management system -- meaning that it can be easily edited by multiple users.  Announcements about the official launch of the site will be shared with district stakeholders.

Auditor Contract. Assistant Superintendent for Business & Finance Dr. Jason Buckner presented, and the Board approved, the administration’s recommendation to continue to retain the services of Daniel Jones & Associates to do the district’s required annual audit.  Daniel Jones & Associates has provided the auditing services for the district since the 2006-07 school year and is being awarded a five-year contract.  The proposed cost for the audit is not to exceed $14,000 per annual audit.   

Groundskeeping Services. Dr. Buckner presented, and the Board approved, the administration’s recommendation to award a one-year contract to the lowest qualified bidder, Willow Landscaping LLC, for providing grounds services for district properties.  This not only represents a cost savings to the district over doing this work internally, but has the added benefit of the majority of the work being performed during non-school hours.  

High School Building Project Approvals. Dr. Buckner presented, and the Board approved, the administration’s recommendation for awarding two bids related to the high school renovation project. The bid process was coordinated by S.M. Wilson, the district’s construction management firm.

  • Roofing: Taylor Roofing for $960,313
  • Acoustical Ceilings: Friend Acoustical Co, Inc. for  $716,331.14

Student Transfer Program. With Riverview Gardens School District having regained accreditation, the Board determined that the eleven students who currently attend Ladue School District schools as a result of transferring from Riverview Gardens, and are not graduating in the 2016-17 school year, will be allowed to stay through their next natural transition year (fifth grade, eighth grade or twelfth grade.) Two students who have transferred from Riverview Gardens will be graduating from Ladue Horton Watkins High School in 2017. Riverview Gardens will be compensating receiving school districts for students who transfer to other districts after the 2016-17 school year at a rate of $7,000 per student.


Capital Projects Plan. Facilities Director Mike Noonan presented the 2017 Facilities Report, which included information regarding capital (building) work to be completed during the summer of 2017, an outline of capital needs anticipated for the 2017-18 school year, an update on projects being completed as a result of the Proposition R bond referendum, an overview of plans for reorganizing staffing of the Facilities Department, and a review of the progress being made to update the district’s Facilities Master Plan.  Details can be found by clicking on the header to this paragraph.  

Policy Review. Administrators presented information about 15 policy change recommendations which will come before the Board for approval at the April 11, 2017 meeting. The majority of these changes are being made at the recommendation of the Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) in order to keep district policies in compliance with state and federal law, and to accurately reflect current district practices in policy.  

Board Advisory Committee Reappointments. Mrs. Glantz announced that the following patrons are recommended for reappointment to their second terms to district Board Advisory Committees:

  • Ann Noble, Facilities Board Advisory Committee
  • James Faron, Facilities Board Advisory Committee
  • Troy McLendon, Finance Board Advisory Committee
  • Mark Murdaugh, Finance Board Advisory Committee
  • Adil Rahman, Technology Board Advisory Committee
  • Keith Yeldham, Technology Board Advisory Committee
  • Frank Trau, Technology Board Advisory Committee

Patrons to be newly appointed to these committees for their first term will be approved by the Board later in the year.


The next Board of Education meeting will be a Special Business Meeting on March 28, 2017.  The following meeting will be a Business Meeting at 7 p.m. on April 11, 2017.  Both meetings will be held at the Administrative Center, 9703 Conway Road. Tentative agenda items include the following.  

Tentative Agenda Items for Special Business Meeting, March 28, 2017:

  • Capital Projects Plan
  • High School Building Project
    • Payment Applications/Work Package/Change Orders
Tentative Agenda Items for Business Meeting April 11, 2017:

Announcement of Election Results

  • City of Ladue/District Resource Officer Agreement
  • Board Policy Changes
  • Board Reorganization/Oaths of Office/Election of Officers

  • Support Staff Employee Council Report